Ph.D. in Criminology offers a deep exploration of the subject, covering topics such as criminal theories, forensic science, criminal justice systems, and the sociological aspects of crime.

  1. Duration: Our Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology is a four-year program that delves into the fascinating world of criminology. It's specifically tailored for those who wish to explore the multifaceted dimensions of criminal behavior, its origins, and the mechanisms that shape our understanding of it.
  2. Academic Field: Our program is offered under the esteemed Faculty of Social Sciences. This choice of faculty reflects the interdisciplinary nature of criminology, which draws on a wide array of social science disciplines to gain a holistic understanding of crime and its implications on society.

In essence, students enrolling in this program will engage in an in-depth exploration of criminology, conducting original research and producing a thesis under the guidance of academic advisors. The program will encompass a wide range of topics related to crime, criminal behavior, law enforcement, criminal justice systems, and related areas of study within the social sciences. Upon successful completion of the program, students are typically awarded an MPhil degree in Criminology, which can be a stepping stone to further academic pursuits or careers in the field of criminology and criminal justice.